Lets talk a little bit about APIs



In this post, I only am going to give an advice where you are working with APIs.

Assume that the API is CASE SENSITIVE


I was working with the Bookeo API and for a couple of days I was wondering why my code wasn’t working and the endpoint returned me “Json Invalid” and after hounded of times trying to make my code work, I made it when I change all the json keys to case sensitive. Example: productid to productId

Maybe this is not the most interesting post about APIs but believe me when even sending an email to customer service they weren’t able to tell me what was the problem.

Hope you this information helps you.

A little bit about me

Hello every body I’m going to start writing about coding in my daily life. I have learned a lot on the internet for many years and I think that is time to contribute.

I have a lot of experience dealing with a lot of stuff (sometimes tricky stuff) and I am going to be writing about different topic I hope help you in some way.

I am not telling you that I am an expert maybe sometimes I am going to need corrections and I am open to receive it and grow as a developer if you help me, but If I can help you too with my knowledge and experience I am going to be happy. There is it, my name is Samuel Urias, I am from Guatemala and if I can help you, it is going to be my pleasure.