Should you learn C/C++?

Written by Samuel Urias

October 12, 2022

I think that C/C++ are very important language and there are tons of C/C++ code out there and it could be an interesting knowledge under your belt to know the bases of this language.

Maybe you are not going to make a creer in C/C++ and that is ok, but maybe you want to learn some concept or read some code but all of the examples and the most of the code out there, depending chosen topic, are going to be in C/C++.

Remember that there are a lot of software written in this languages, for example PostgreSQL.

In my humble opinion, you should be able to read at theat at a bare minimum level this kind of code. If you can learn the basics of this languages you are going to have a very interesting knowledge that maybe someday is going to be useful.


There are tons of code in C/C++ out there. You should be able to read it. 

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